Unreal Tournament 4 : UT4 Pre Alpha

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What is wrong with ut duel. Exhaustive look at why ut duel is broken, has always been broken and why it will continue.

Timing in FPS. Lets talk about timing, how and what is important.

Slow stacking armor systems. This is a forum reply but is a good base line for anyone wondering why slow stacking is a popular suggestion to “fix” the ut4 armor system and by association, duel.

Is anyone still wasting time on this piece of shit game?

Unreal Tournament 4 Online

Showdown is a new ut4 gametype. An overview of the initial showdown implementation, pros, cons and possible shortcomings.

Godlike video content. Not Unreal Tournament specific but can be applied to most games.

UT initial armor spawns. When do the armors and belt spawn in ut?

Quake vs Unreal Tournament weapon balance. How do the quake and ut weapons compare?

Picking up armor at low health. An argument against the belt being the superstar. Have some sympathy for the jacket.

UT4 double jump. Just make it like quake? Please.

Speed is UT4 defrag. Lets talk about speed in relation to ut from the perspective of defrag in relation to quake.

A possible solution to ut4 duel. Tickdown is not a solution. Having no tickdown could solve some problems? Madness.

Dropping weapons in TDM. Should dropping weapons be an option in TDM? Does it really add much to the game?

Weapon denial and duel. Is weapon denial really a thing? What are other options?

Hoonymode. Round based duel sounds awesome.

Spawn protection. Better solutions than straight up spawn protection cludges.

Arena FPS basics. The best gametypes are item driven.

Zaccubus duel analysis.

UT Level design

Seamless portals. Somehow a discussion of seamless portals mutates into map stagnation.

Modular meshes. Are modular meshes a replacement for BSP?

dm-twentyseven. Duel focused dm map.

dm-sunder. Duel focused dm map.

UT Map history. Mainly concerned with the duel map pool, pickups and armors.

Mask meshes. A botch to mask meshes using vertex paint.

ut4 aerowalk. A look at aero and comparison of some quake/ut mapping differences.


If a post is long enough it goes here first, gets indexed then put on the forum. More content is always useful.

ut4 weapon switch speed. Yes it should be faster, just not why you think.

Biorifle changes. Can it ever be useful.

UT4 aircontrol. It slows the game down.

UT4 armor stacking. Yup, that dead horse again.

Adult Toys Australia.

Tweaked armor values. Will fix duel? Surely not.

UT4 Guns. The shock combo is intuitive.

UT4 weapon respawn time. What would happen if the spawn time was changed on weapons.

UT4 weapon switch time. He loves this comparison, apparently I love quoting it.

UT4 weapon burst DPS. ut weapons have high burst potential.

UT4 duel weapon balance. Duel stuff and.. Don’t know.

Audio announcements. UT voice announcements are generally not useful

UT4 Weapons. A guide for ut4 weapons

UT4 Duel Guide.

Balance the ut4 flak?. The never ending story of balancing the new ut flak canon.

Is the ut4 keg overpowered?. How does the keg compare to armors?

Add uniqueness to maps?. Do maps require unique aesthetics for players to enable players to name areas?

UT4 Spawn algorithm. Is it possible to fix ut spawn killing?

ut4 enforcer in tdm. An example of how not to gather statistic for comparing weapon “overpoweredness”

Variable belt for ut. An odd idea of giving the belt absorption equal to the amount remaining. What happens?

rAge loves spawn protection.