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Is the ut4 enforcer startweapon OP?

I just analysed my last three TDM 4v4 matches, because I was frustrated a bit by enforcer power. I noted every kill of every player in those matches, this is what I’ve got…

Weapons with the most kills:

DM-Chill (open map):
1. ENFORCER (25% of overall kills)
2. SHOCK (16% of overall kills)
3. SNIPER (15% of overall kills)
4. FLAK (12% of overall kills)

DM-Spacer (semi-open map):
1. LINK (27% of overall kills)
2. ENFORCER (16% of overall kills)
3. FLAK (14% of overall kills)
4. ROCKETS (12% of overall kills)

DM-Decktest (open map):
1. SNIPER (27% of overall kills)
2. SHOCK (19% of overall kills)
3. ROCKETS (17% of overall kills)
4. ENFORCER (14% of overall kills)

Questionable sample size but understandable given you had to do this manually.

Firstly looking at the selected maps we can easily assume that enforcer would get more use on chill than the other two maps, simply because it has less weapon spawns compared to the other two. Chill has , spacer has an additional link and deck has.. heaps. The thing that stands out the most from those three sets of stats is the enforcer being in the top 4 on deck, not because it is OP but compared to the number of ut4 weapons available on deck vs the other maps.

Kills are not a great metric to look at how “OP” a weapon is, especially in a scenario where weapons are limited. How often are players swapping away from other weapons in these games to do large amounts of damage using the enforcer? For example on deck a large % of the kills are with sniper – if players were “smarter” should this be lower and should they be finishing with the enforcer? What are player death holding enforcers like? This metric is about as useful as what you have provided but should paint the opposite picture – most player deaths occur with the enforcer equipped.
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Some mash up of total kills vs enforcer kills vs number of weapons on a map would paint a better picture.

Probably It would be pretty similiar if i will check another maps (where another players played). As we can see enforcer is always on top… That means it’s not working properly in TDM, shows how less important is positioning right now. Also those statistics prove, that shock / sniper are efficient only on open maps, even on semi-open map like DM-Spacer they were dominated by link / flak and rl.

In other threads you have commented on how the enforcer is annoying in tdm because players quite often have low health, either from previous fights or specifically due to people pecking away health with the enforcer.

Could it be time to change the health/armor spawn times and look at the number of armor pickups in TDM? ut99 had 18 second health packs and other afps have 20 second armors. Lowering health packs to 20seconds reduces the window fresh spawns have to capitalise on injured opponents by ~30%. Simply having more armor makes the enforcer weaker while not effecting the current weapons as much since they are fairly over tweaked.

If players are less squishy the enforcer will not be as viable.

Don’t take this the wrong way, I am not a fan of the enforcer (so boring, long range, zzz) but the way you have gone about showing its OPNESS is not good.

UT4 Link or Pulse Gun Guide

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