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Fortnite Double Pump Action Shotgun trick and weapon switch speed


Large streamers finally discovered double pump in Fortnite Battle royale, three months after the games release. This has irreversibly changed the meta of the game. Now everyone wants pump shotguns and everyone wants to +forward into opponents faces. The change on voice in squads with randoms is amazing – players getting two pumps then making comments that would lead one to believe the game is in the bag.

Fortnite double pump shotgun

The premise is simple and I have been using it, for more than just shotguns, since the games release. Some background is required to undersand how the double pump shotgun “trick&quot” works in FNBR. Fortnite weaponswitch time is quite fast, faster than the refire rate of the non-automatic weapons. This means that you are not at the mercy of the refire speed when using a slow firing weapon, which is typically how these weapons are balanced. Low rate of fire to punish missing and balance out high damage. At the very least with fast switch players can pull out another gun in place of nothing (reload time). The opportunity this offers seems lost on streamers and youtubers who are now pumping (pun intended) out tutorials for “How to double pump shotgun in fortnite” while overlooking that this applies to a large selection of Fortnites weapons. Or that they have been doing the same forever with sniper plus any other weapon.

Because the Fortnite weapon switch speed is fast the refire time can become the weapon switch speed when the refire time is slower than switch. This means that the low rate of fire weapons become much faster. The pump shotguns are likely the most popular because they hit for “the most” and are also relatively easy to land some damage with. You really only need one pump and another weapon to make use of the weapon switch speed in a meaningful way. Pump shotgun to open a fight into assault rifle, auto pistol or smg (of decent quality) is perfectly acceptable in order to avoid being a sitting duck. To be completely fair swapping to a high rate of fire weapon after hitting a solid pump shotgun hit is probably more reliable play anyway, provided you are in sub machinegun range. Think hittng rail or rockets and finishing with lightning gun in quake.

The slow fire rate weapons benefit from fast switching with higher rof weapons benefiting less. At some point it becomes a waste of time to switch between weapons to use the pump shotgun. Some examples that are good.

Weapon combos that benefit from swapping back and forth. Pump shotgun to pump shotgun. Pump shotgun to tactical shotgun. Pump shotgun to revolver. Pump shotgun to Burst Assault rifle (one burst). Pump shotgun to assault rifle for a few rounds. The revolver can replace the starting pump in any of these and for this combo it may be better to use the revolver for opening shot then sticking to the other weapon.

Some weapon combos benefit from starting on the pump and switching after landing damage. The low firerate could be negated by peeking corners until landing damage then swapping. Pump shotgun to Sub machinegun/assault sub machinegun/ Silenced sub machinegun. The assault rifle could also fall into this category once good opening damage has been landed. The higher rate of fire is potentially better for finishing. This means if you open a fight, land a high (70+) pump shotgun hit you only need to deal the remaining 30. Using and smg or assault rifle means you have much higher rate of fire to do this.

Why this is interesting for shotguns, specifically pump action

How to double pump shotgun in fortnite battle royale.

It is very easy to use two shotguns. First you need to find two – it you can only find one and have a tactical this can work too. Put both the weapons in slots that have easy to use binds, for example slots 2 and 3. When you engage open with the higher hitting weapon for maximum front load. After the first shot swap to the second weapon and shoot, as you shoot swap back to the first weapon straight away and shoot again.. swapping back to the second weapon as you do so. Your character will diligently swap between weapons without playing the pump animation.

If the default weapon binds are not good then you could try binding individual weapons to mousewheel. Bind slot 2 to up and slot 3 to down. You can now scroll up/down to pick weapons 2 and 3 while shooting. It is a good idea to get used to individual weapon binds anyway so removing next/previous weapon from the mousewheel is good anyway.

The two main offenders for exploits are the pump shotgun and revolver. This is because weapon swap stops the refire animation.

Does it matter if the shotguns are grey (common) or green (uncommon)? The quality of the shotgun barely matters. The grey pump shotgun deals 90 damage and the green deals 95. With 2.5* headshot modifier this gives 225 and 237 for full headshots. Less than 5% difference.

Why fast switch is interesting for other weapons – RPG – sniper, etc
Fast weapon switch is interesting for other weapons

Drawbacks to double pump – mechanical skill requirement – losing an inventory slot

Other mixtures that allow for interesting play – high hitting -> high rof low damage (rl/rail -> lg)

Firstly, in order to

Macros – gated by switch speed which is (talking human speed) quite slow so macros are not required and do not make this more viable

Is this balanced – can the weapons work without it, currently gives interesting mix, without much more limiting on weapons so maybe good

Fortnite Battle Royale Weapon Bloom Mechanics

In Fortnite BR the inside of the crosshair arms denote “bloom” – the circle where bullets can land. This changes with movement, crouching, shooting. The usual suspects that lower weapon inaccuracy in FPS. In order to hit 100% this circle needs to cover the target 100%. The centerpoint of the crosshair is meaningless for the AR/bloom weapons.

Fortnite Bloom for weapons

The crosshair messages the effective range of the guns.

At that range, with the target taking up 20-30% of the circle you are not going to hit all shots. In fact the target it so small in relation to the bloom area that you are unlikely to hit many.

Its not that you should build. If you want to hit all those shots you need to engage at a closer range. This is the primary difference between the AR weapon rarity. The amount of bloom allowing for engagement at longer ranges.

Somewhat unintuitively aiming for headshots with the center dot will lower your accuracy since there will be a large section of the “bloom area” above the players head.