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UT4 Shock Rifle Guide

Shock Rifle – Unreal Tournament 4s most beloved gun

Introduced in the first Unreal Tournament as the ASMD (And Suck My Dick) the shock rifle is core to the ut gameplay universe. Embodying the pure awsomeness that is ut, the shock rifle has three fire modes – primary, shooting a purple, hitscan beam, secondary, shooting a slow moving shock core and the combo, where the user shoots the secondary ball with the primary. The resulting explosion is quite satisfying to gib players with.

Ut4 Sniper Rifle Guide

Sniper Rifle an Unreal Tournament 4 Weapon

The sniper rifle is a ut4 weapon. If there was a sniper rifle guide on the site yet it would be housed here. A guide like this would teach you how to use the Unreal Tournament 4 Sniper rifle, how to improve your accuracy and give other tips and tricks that might improve your sniper use.

ut4 Rocket Launcher Guide

Rocket Launcher is an Unreal Tournament 4 Weapon

The rocketlauncher is a ut4 weapon that shoots rockets and grenades in various numbers between one and three. Mutliple rockets has been a mainstay of the unreal tournament franchise since the original unreal single player release in 1998, which featured a rocket launcher shooting up to eight rockets.

UT4 Link or Pulse Gun Guide

Link gun is an Unreal Tournament 4 Weapon

Improving at the link gun, a ut4 weapon takes time and practice. Primary fire shoots a stream of hot plasma all over your opponents face and secondary consists of a charged plasma shaft, perfect for pulling your opponents off..

UT4 Flak Cannon Guide

Flak cannon is the shotgun of unreal tournament 4

The flak cannon in ut4 is the games equivalent of the shotgun. A close range weapon whos effectiveness drops off significantly at longer range. The flak tries to add a little longer range ability via its flak ball alternative fire – an arcing projectile that behaves similarly to a rocket. This is where the ut4 flak canon guide will be.