Ideal Unreal Tournament Game weapons

Brizz started a new Unreal Tournament reddit sub because the mods on r/unrealtournament are generally douche canoes.

What would your ideal weapon set be for your ideal Unreal Tournament game?

One of rocket or flak
One of mini or pulse
Sniper/rail style weapon

This gives us : 1* Projectile aim (with low rof, high damage, splash), 1* tracking aim (high rof, low damage), 1* flick aim (low rof high damage)

+ shock because.. ut.

If mini was picked then the weapon set would be lacking a high rof low damge projectile weapon (pulse primary). If rl was picked then you lack a shotgun style weapon.

The ripper could replace the rocket/flak weapon with a beefed up explosive disc. It was useless in ut99. However the other two unreal tournament weapons are more “iconic” so.. yeah.

Balancing rl seems a pain in the ass. I like single fire.. and would be fine with just that, but the majority seem very attached to loading. The flak alt fire could become a non-arc shot and the rl dropped, solving the need to address loading at all.

Sniper seems to either get love or hate, personally it feels very flat compared to ql rail, which is balanced nicely with the reload to punish close shots.

Starting weapon – something shotgun style to limit effective range. Dispersion pistol comes up as this often but.. slow moving projectiles that feel like marshmallows are not appealing. A shotgun could even be quite “strong” at close range* as the trade off is having to get in close with your opponents.

Four weapons? Anything beyond that is doubling up with the usual ut firemodes. Unless you wanted to aim for a tiered weapon setup which is not a bad thing, but could relegate crowd favourites to the trash tier. After these four the next “obvious” candidate is a grenade launcher style weapon which ut has never really had in a meaningful way (outside of maybe the current thing) – but that is not really on par with the other weapons and fills a utility role. Perhaps flak could be modified for the alt fire to shoot a non-impact style fused grenade + the regular primary (unique to the other four weapons already).

I’d prefer to see more utility from the weapons and heavily different usage. Rather than shock/sniper being almost interchangeable remove most of the damage from the shock primary (for example) and change it to knockback instead, putting more difference between the shock and sniper. It becomes a combo machine + knockback.

*imo this is a big failing of the ut4 project. Epic never laid out “ranges” and what they expected weapons to be useful for. Thus they were inundated with feedback that X was not useful at Y range when it may have been their intention. This causes discussion around the weapons to get stuck here rather than a more interesting discussion around what range the weapon should be useful at.

> primary, secondary, and tertiary firing

I’d be more keen to see more unique weapons rather than trying to cram more use into the existing ones. Weapons should each fill a unique niche and this has never been the case in ut really.

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