Stop jumping during combat in fortnite br..

.. or at the very least consider the range at which you are doing it.

Fortnite jumping in combat with shotguns

Players in many games jump by default during combat, usually with the intention to throw off their opponents aim. A common thread on this sub is the nerfing of jump. I don’t want to go down that discussion path but do want to draw your attention to an important point players miss. This may not apply to console quite as much I have never played an FPS/TPS there.

You don’t have to jump and jumping may be making you easier to hit with the fortnite weapons.

When players jump they take a very predictable and easily traceable path. This path making hitting them easier. The initial launch might throw off player aim but the resulting path is long enough for good players to adjust and hit you. Chaining jumps amplifies this. Now you may personally feel that you cannot hit players who are jumping, but players who can aim will be able to track you. You are lowering the likely hood of bad players kill you and raising the chance of good players killing you.

On the flip side if you are a good player and jump in this way you may feel that it is exceptionally beneficial as your opponents have trouble shooting you. Due to the nature of matchmaking (or lack of) in fortnite if you are good you are likely playing against potatoes most games. This means that the “tactic” of jumping to avoid being hit is working, not because it is a good thing to do and throwing off peoples aim, but because the players you are playing against are not good at tracking/aiming.

They are players you would be beating anyway, and if you come up against players who can aim you are helping them. Jumping adds another “level” of RNG as you can never know your opponents skill. Statistically if it throws off aim in a greater portion of the player population it is better to do, but it will cause fights versus more competent players to be stacked against you. What should you do?

Are there times and places to jump in combat? For sure. Throw a jump in now and then. At longer ranges the amount offset jumping gives might make you harder to hit, or at the very least not hurt.

Building over your opponent then jumping off the ramp to shotgun them is another “bad” habit. If you are two floors up and you jump you are simply extending the amount of air time, which is easily tracked and giving them more opportunity to kill you. If you want to build up and then drop it probably better to just walk of the edge.

So what is the point? Consider when you are jumping. Consider that it may be easier for other players to hit you when you jump. Range is an important factor here – at longer ranges the distance up/down traveled to the amount of mouse movement your opponent needs to track will probably make it worthwhile.

This thread ( prompted this post. And a scenario that played out earlier this week in game. A player at mid range running perpendicular to my view jumping continually. The first two jumps I whiffed because I tried to track him, then I adjusted, put the crosshair at the top of the jump arch and pinged him easily for the next three jumps.

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