Why is the unreal tournament keg overpowered?

MoxNix: two would be overkill even on a really large map meant for 10+ players.

Ignoring two kegs next to each other for a minute. Two being overkill for 10+ players seems to be stretching the friendship somewhat.

There have been quite a few comments both here and on irc relating to health > armor and how the keg is “not used” because of this. Until now this has not seen this expanded upon.

A keg offers the same amount of stack as a jacket – but a jacket spawns three times as often. With this in mind surely the jacket is relatively overpowered compared to the keg when used in duel, a gametype with 2 players? Even if only half the armor of the jacket is used each spawn (unlikely) this would give players three times the total of a keg?

Can you outline (or link to, or someone else chime in) why keg is not used beyond the usual “it was never on a ut99 duel map”. It behaves in a similar manner to belt, except it is less (100vs150), on a longer spawn time (90vs60) and if you pickup while damaged – the often repeated (downside) last second steal at low health with the belt – you can only ever benefit from damaged base+100. For example when picked up at 20 health a player has 120h and cannot heal additionally. By comparison the belt can go from 20h/150a to 100h/150a.

Maybe it is how it interacts with other ut4 armor pickups? Jacket + keg is too much? But belt + 5 vials (ASDF) is almost this amount of stack. So perhaps the aversion exists solely because of belt+keg. A match up that would happen a maximum of six times in a ten minute duel, likely less.

There are upsides/downsides to both health and armor, belt included. Straight up stack the keg is roughly equal to a jacket but it has less impact over the course of a game because of its long spawn time.

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