UT4 Voice Announcements

Entropy Remember that the Announcers are about relaying important game feedback, not just filling your speakers with bass, so they need to be clear, concise, and inspiring. 🙂

Out of the samples posted here there is a single important piece of game feedback. Lead taken. Possibly denied but it depends how/what that is used for. Flag cap denied? There will probably already be flag dropped announcements and possibly flag returned? Quad denied? Meh. Not disagreeing that they should be clear, concise and (probably most importantly for the majority of voice overs) inspiring – just that they are not critical to the game.

Unless players think that displaying godlike as text and audio is super important. In fact it argued that spree rewards detract from important aspects of the game, especially in team games (play the objective) and cause players to concentrate on not dying rather than the flag.

Does the game itself become less if streak announcements were removed? Not really. Does it become less if streaks themselves are removed? Not really. They are essentially cosmetic but cause players to play differently, probably at the detriment of their team in team games.

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