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UT4 Speed is like defrag for unreal tournament?

TimEh: But at the same time I feel that it should be the same movement that the game has. So the movements learned in SPEED can be applied to the game.

This is not really the case in the other games – defrag specifically comes to mind. While the movement basics are the same as you say, a player never needs them to the same level when actually playing. Learning to half beat strafe is useless when playing normally. It might give you a small benefit in a few very niche situations but over all it is not important. Plasma climbing is useful in game occasionally but it is to the tune of 2-4 plasma balls, not hundreds without self damage to accelerate the player to high speed. Two grenades + three rockets + plasma.. never, ever occurs in game but is in defrag.

There is a level that is considered “good” enough after two strage jumps. I don’t recall the exact number – ~700ups? in two jumps? Whatever the number was it is not huge and fairly easily obtainable. The measure would be bridge to rail or perhaps single jump RA on aerowalk. The one aspect is strafe pads, but these are only useful to lane 3?

The quake community recognises this – they don’t play defrag to get better at quake, in general they play defrag to play defrag. If adding movement mechanics or your suggestion of modifying the base (removal of dodge cooldown/ continuous wall dodge etc) gives a better experience for speed while keeping the theme of the game and adding more depth then it could only be a good thing.

I realise this is somewhat at a tangent to what you are saying (don’t add extra stuff to speed because it is then not the game) but the “stuff” that is in defrag is not really core to quake either. The quake stuff simply scales beyond the base gameplay requirements much better, which the ut movement does not do at all.

This is also not to say that you should add strafejumping or bunnyhopping, your examples of continuous wall dodge and removal of dodge cool downs would go a long way to spicing it up.

Its a bit of a pickle you have.