Fortnite Battle Royale Weapon Guide

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Fornite br weapon bible – FNBR gun guide

Are you looking for a Fortnite Battle Royale Weapon Guide? Perhaps you want to improve your Fortnite weapon skills with weapon stats and information. Whatever the reason the goal here is to give you as much information relating to FN weapons as well as some use cases for each.


>Note about this being different to PVE/Save the world

Please note that this information does not apply to PVE/Save the world gameplay. Weapon stats there are variable and to my knowledge not in line with what we for Fortnite Battle Royale Weapons. Even the weapon handling is different in PVP so using the PVE game to practice gunplay is not super useful.

> Weapon Guide


Fornite Weapon rarity / quality

Fornite weapons are color coded to denote their quality. This is a throw back to RPG color coding on weapon tiers.

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Standard (White), Uncommon (green), Rare (blue), Epic (purple), Legendary (Gold).


> Weapon Stats


In Fortnite Battle Royale weapon stats are fixed. In the PVE game they change based on schematics, survivors and crafting, however in BR they remain the same across rounds and time. They cannot be improved via pickups, attachments or other player buffs.


Weapons have a number of stats that are viewable from the inventory screen. Some of these are carry over from the PVE game and can be ignored as they either do not change between weapons or are simply irrelevant. The most obvious that changes between weapons of the same type but different qualities is the damage. This ranges from 32 for a white Assault rifle to 39 for a yellow SCAR.


What is important

Damage numbers / Damage chart – weapon dmg

Fortnite weapon Accuracy

Fortnite weapon locations

Useful ranges (fortnite weapon ranges)

Best Weaponname

Best weaponname fortnite

fortnite weapons battle royale

fortnite battle royale weapon list

fortnite weapons tier list

fortnite weapons list

fortnite battle royale weapon stats

all weapons in fortnite battle royale

all guns in fortnite battle royale

fortnite battle royale weapon colors


Commonly refered to as


> Weapon mechanics



Headshot Damage

Headshot Percentage


> Weapon Switching








>Automatic Pistol


>Pump Shotgun


>Tactical Shotgun


>Assault Rifle (M4)



>Burst Assault Rifle


> Auto Sniper


> Bolt Sniper


> Grenades


> Rocket Launcher / RPG


> Grenade Launcher


>Best weapons/guns


> Weapon Skins


> Drop rates / where can you get weapons

Shotguns not in chests?

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