Improving at ut4 and fps games in general

PayBack; Some people are just born with faster reflexes, better eye sight or a higher drive to improve or excel.

These are factors but the fact you think major differences come down to reflexes or eye sight show how little you actually understand improving at gaming.

Straight up you should not be involved in developing the game if your base assumptions for majority of players being better/worse is “reflexes and eyesight”. This is completely wrong. For the sake of simplicity lets roll “aiming ability” into reflexes and assume that it is a natural “skill” that some players have and others do not have. Makes sense right?

This is completely wrong and there are many ways to improve, even if you never work on you aim. In fact the breadth of options for improving in arena fps games is one of their major appeals to myself personally. Many of the changes in ut over the years push more and more requirements on to aiming, which is sad because it makes for a flatter experience.

In Paybacks defence if he has not been involved in any other gaming communities for the past decade+ he is unlikely to have seen any “good” content relating to this. UT ideas seem to have stagnated in 2002.

So if your entire background is unreal tournament and you have never consumed “how to improve” media from other franchises…. well then this is sort of understandable. ut seems to be a microcosm stuck in 2002, permeated by the same ideas as 15 years ago. If you compare the progression in counterstrike or even quake content it is easy to see how stagnant ut is. Look at zaccs tutorials and then compare this to what is available for cs, quake, overwatch. The difference is huge. ut tutorials are literally “click and weapon does THIS”.

You can improve but you first need to break away from the concept of “my aim is my aim and I will never improve it”. This goes doubly for ut4 duel.

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