UT4 Bio rifle – changes?

DSK: Thank you ever so much for projecting your own opinion into your own, fallacious logic.
GitzZz would like to have a word with you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swYbipom8OE

The bio rifle is like other ut4 weapons; If you put time and effort into it you’ll be rewarded. Why don’t you try to do that instead of throwing your toys out of the pram because you , seemingly, are unable to do so at present and want to remove it from the game because you cannot be bothered to do so.

ehh. I like the bio by itself and would like to see it similar to ut99/2kx implementation firemode styles – albeit heavily tweaked.

Bio in ut99 was useless bar dropping down lifts. Codex shock lift was good for this.

In 2kx it was more useful (your video) but it was a fairly dangerous choice. I don’t know if committing to bio play was ever a good idea when a player had other weapons. It was generally a -ve play. Yes you can probably find examples of players using it but it has never shared the podium with all the other guns. The changes in 2kx that made it more useful were good but some of its other.. issues.. also held it back from being more than a novelty. Yes player use should not be the only indicator of a weapons usefulness but at the same time it should not be ignored. The bio was underused because it was not overly useful.

It was strong in 2kx but was too much of a gamble to use due to being hard to land a shot. When difficulty of use grows too large players tend to shy away from weapons because it is simply unreliable. For example a weapon that instagibbed players and then killed them on respawn (so two kills per one) with a 1% hit rate would not be usable. This is what the bio was like. There are some posters on the forums who have commented numerous times about high damage weapons that are challening/hard to use/avoidable being “ok”. There are limits.

Charging time : Other weapons deal similarly large amounts of damage and are not hindered by charge times nearly as long. The lg/rifle. Two rockets. Full flak primary. Combos. All of these deal high damage with no wind up time. Rockets being the obvious exception, but even then the load time is much shorter. In a game where many weapons can front load large amounts of damage instantly after weaponswitch it is odd that the bio is limited in this aspect. Why?

Activation sound : Like the previous point, the bio alerts everyone to its whereabouts with audio queues when charging up. Besides rockets it is the only weapon in the game that does this. Now personally I like this and like how rail/lg have audio queues in quakelive. If it was my choice a large number of the ut weapons would have ambient noises added. However because none do (besides rockets loading) the bio is unique. And yet one would assume a weapon handicapped by an audio queue like this would be “stronger”, yet it is anything but.

As to the intention of changing it to something completely different – I don’t think this is required, the base weapon needs tweaking so it can fulfill some sort of reasonably frequently required niche.

Bio is quite often pointed to as a weapon for area denial or covering escapes. It tends to fail at both of these.

Lower the lifespan on bio blobs to 2-3 seconds. Remove the ability for players to destroy them. This allows players to “cover retreats” with the weapon effectively. It allows players to use the bio for area denial more effectively. Give it a higher ROF.

Or use Stolids bio launcher. Also cool.

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